Saturday 25 March 2017

Hear what Brent residents and councillors said at the Planning Commitee on Wembley Stadium application

If you missed the Brent Planning Committee that approved Wembley Stadium/Tottenham's request for more high capacity events at Wembley Stadium you can get a flavour from the sound file below.

Speakers in order were:

Dr Ruth Kosmin, Barn Hill Residents' Asssociation and an economist (0.10)
Dr Michael Calderbank, Wembley Park Residents' Association (8.40)
Denise Cheong, Wembley Champions (15.00)
Niral Babla, Wembley High Road Business Association (25.14)
Fatema Karim-Khaku, Barn Hill Residents Association  and transport consultant (30.44)

Cllr Shafiq Choudhary (Barn Hill ward) (36.50)
Cllr Sam Stopp (Wembley Central ward) (43.40)

Cllr Ketan Sheth (59.50)
Cllr Muhammed Butt (102.12)


Anonymous said...

Mark Twain said that "If voting made a difference, they wouldn't let us do it. "

Councillors on the planning committee have no powers they vote for what Council Officers recommend.

Philip Grant said...

I have listened to the submissions from the two Tokyngton councillors which were read out to Planning Committee.

While Cllr. Sheth's submission was based on the views expressed to him by many people living in his Ward, I did not hear any reference in Cllr. Butt's submission to the residents of Tokyngton, or what their views were.

Instead, the Council Leader's written document seemed to summarise what Brent's Planning Officer had said in support of the application. No wonder I could hear murmurs of disapproval from the public in the background!


Philip Grant said...

This is what Brent's Chief Executive said about Cllr. Butt's right to speak at the meeting considering the Wembley Stadium application (as reported in an blog by Martin at the time), with the capital letters added by me for emphasis (in a comment on that blog):-

'Cllr Butt is entitled to speak at the planning committee IN HIS ROLE AS A WARD MEMBER REPRESENTING THE VIEWS OF THE RESIDENTS OF TOKYNGTON WARD on this planning application.'