Sunday 19 March 2017

Groups combine to discuss solutions to air pollution menace - Barnet March 23rd

Great to see a cross-party event supported by so many other organisations - an example to other areas.

The speakers are :

*  Jean Lambert Green Party MEP

Jean is a founder supporter of Clean Air in London , and as an MEP has pressed the European Commission to take action against the UK government for failing to meet legally binding EU air quality standards. She has also made numerous air quality consultation responses to the London Mayor and the UK government, and has published the pamphlet Air Pollution, London's Unseen Killer, which was widely distributed across London.
* Aaron Keily from Friends of the Earth England , Wales and Northern Ireland 
Friends of the Earth are currently running a campaign called Ditch Diesel
* Paul Drummond from UCL.
Paul has led work on looking fiscal ways of how a move away from diesel vehicles could be encouraged by taxation methods.
*    Andrea Lee from ClientEarth.
ClientEarth have successfully sued the UK Government for lack of action on implementation of measures to combat air pollution.
Each speaker will give a short talk, and afterwards there will be a Q & A session/discussion.

This meeting has the support of Barnet Residents’ Association, Barnet Trades Council, Barnet Alliance for Public Services, Barnet Friends of the Earth, Barnet LibDems, Barnet Labour Party and  Barnet Green Party.

Whilst entrance is free donations would be most welcome via this LINK
or ring 0800581051

This fund-raising action will be carrying on after the Barnet FoE Air Pollution Meeting.

When donating please mention “Barnet Air Pollution Campaign”.

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