Friday 10 March 2017

What is the Lycee's contribution to the local Brent community?

When the planning application was made for the Lycee des Londres Winston Churchill to occupy the old Brent (Wembley) Town Hall the school stated that it was keen to make community links.  It saw itself as complementing local schools - not a rival. Among the promises made was the provision of French language classes for pupils from local schools as well as adults. LINK

As far as I can see these have not come about, perhaps as a result of relations being soured by the refusal of planning permission for a swimming pool in the gardens adjacent to Forty Lane.

Compared with some of the grand promises made by Quintain this may seem small beer but it does raise the issue of whether Brent Council is sufficiently proactive in making sure that such promises are fulfilled.


Anonymous said...

No change there then.

Wembley resident said...

This is the reason why there is the feeling that there is in the community of continually being sold down the river.

Anonymous said...

As the Lycee is effectively owned by, and run on behalf of, the French Government, I wonder what will happen after Brexit?