Wednesday 22 March 2017

Merged teacher amalgamation will be 'a mighty force for progress'

Later today the ATL and NUT will officially announce the results of their unity ballots to amalgamate the two unions and to create of the National Education Union (NEU).
UNIFY, a cross union body, is confident that the majority of teachers and support staff recognise the need for, and support, greater unity and that the results will be a decisive YES.
Hank Roberts, Organising Secretary of UNIFY said:
We have been campaigning for a massive advance like this for 20 years. It will change the face of education in our country. It will not be panacea, but it will make us seriously stronger and better able to challenge the Government’s planned continuation of the privatisation of our state education system and the huge funding cutbacks currently proposed.
Our next step has to be to move to take this burgeoning unity further. The NEU union will be over 400,000 strong. A union of all education workers would be one million strong. A mighty force for progress.
Our congratulations to all the members, Officers and Officials of both unions who made it happen. And also to our own activists and supporters for all their efforts over the years. Time to move forward. A new dawn awaits.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Hank. Who'd have thought it, AMMA joining together with that rough NUT lot? But where are NAS/UWT? Are the 'Beaters' still holding out for restoration of corporal punishment? Has Maggie May promised them the cane plus sole recognition in her new 'grammar schools working for all the people'?
Where's Rhodes Boyson when we need him?

Mike Hine