Tuesday 21 March 2017

Residents issue plea to Preston Ward councillors on Stadium planning application

Dear Cllrs Jean (Hossain), Matthew (Bradley) and Patricia (Harrison)

Please may we ask that you help us Preston ward residents (and residents and business friends across Brent). We really need your help.

You helped us in 2015 when we were faced with the London Welsh School's planning application to occupy the Bowls Pavilion in King Eddie's Park. (Very pleased to be able to inform you that we are in negotiations with Brent Council to finally finalise lease of this for much needed community space).

We have read the 44pg planning committee report and there is nothing to safeguard us Brent residents and local businesses. The document states "atmosphere" as being a key reason why Tottenham Hotspurs do not want less than 90,000 seats. This is not a material planning consideration. The works to the stadium access corridor have only partially been completed and we've been informed that the Council has spent all the £18million originally assigned to that. The report notes there will be no improvements to our road network during the period of this proposed temporary variation of condition. The Environmental Statement is far from robust.

We understand that works will commence at the Chesterfield House site likely end of this month. This 26 storey development will put added strain on an already congested Park Lane and High Road for the next few years. Without supporting infrastructure improvements, the high rise high density developments being granted permission are already and will further affect our road network; Impeding on our quality of life.

Cllr Jean - you and Cllr Sam attended the planning committee for the Chesterfield House site last year. The applicant sought to assign a huge portion of s106 monies to our King Eddie's Park, yet half our park was fenced off for over a year. A recent site visit showed the grass to be water logged. Quite simply we are not seeing the monies being spent on our Wembley resident needs. Friends of King Eddies Park  sent a series of emails to Parks and Regen, over many months, which I will forward on to you. Parks and Regen were very helpful, but it is alarming that it took such a lengthy period of time to complete the parks works. Whilst site visits to Barn Hill Park, Fryent Park, Gladstone Park and Woodcock Park show beautifully maintained public green spaces. Why is our King Eddie's park not in an equal state of kemptness?

Granting permission of this planning application would impede the quality of life of a wide reaching radius of Brent residents and local businesses. Our friends on Preston Road as well as Wembley High Road Business Association note that they also lose trade on Event Days.

There are known issues of anti-social behaviour, litter, alcohol consumption despite the whole of Wembley being a no alcohol zone. Our petition notes that "there were proven irregularities towards the implementation of effective control of traffic leaving the stadium by appointed CSP personnel causing heavier flows of vehicles within the vicinity, causing increased pollution and lessening quality of life. Observed drinking, urinating and defecating on residential streets, not only within Wembley but broader location."

Whilst we appreciate the many benefits our National Stadium affords us, Brent Council has a responsibility and duty of care to it's residents which it needs to safeguard. The committee report simply does not do this.

We, the little people, need your support. Please can you help us?

With kind regards
on behalf of Wembley Champions

Denise Cheong
Wembley Champions

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Scott said...

Denise Cheong for Council - Brent 2018. The little people need someone like you to stand and provide them support.

Labour neither knows what it stands for nor cares.