Friday 13 April 2018

German Invasion - Could it have happened here? Film Preston Library Saturday introduced by the co-director

'It Happened Here' will be shown at the Preston Community Library and Hub' on Saturday. Doors open 7.15pm for 7.30pm showing. Free to members (join at the door) - donations requested to finance future films.

The film explores how the British people might have responded if Germany had successfully invaded Britain in World War 2. Kevin Brownlow, the director of 'It Happened Here' will introduce the film.

Extract from review of a book about the making of the film:
How It Happened Here tells the story of the making of a film and the subsequent reception that the film received and the controversy and alarm that it stirred up when it was first released. The film-makers were two teenagers (18 and 16) and they started out with no budget and a borrowed 16 mm camera. The project took 8 years to complete. Part of the book is a humorous and detailed account of how the boys overcame all the practical and financial hurdles of amateur film making and saw the project through to completion and national release. This in itself would qualify the book as a thoroughly entertaining read and a sound basis for a course in film making or media studies of any kind. But this was no ordinary film. Kevin and his co-director Andrew Mollo took as their theme the "what if?" idea of a conquered and occupied England, after a hypothetical defeat and invasion following the Dunkirk retreat.

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