Saturday 28 April 2018

First Port attempt to justify leap in service charges at Quadrant Court, Wembley Park

Management agents First Port have responded to residents' concerns LINK over increases in service charges with a Q&A seeking to explain how they arrived at the increases at Quadrant Court.

They quote an increase of 7% but also recognise that this does not include several major items of additional expenditure.  They do not discuss what one what resident described as the 'rocketing' charges they pay for the maintenance of the Wembley Park estate, now costing their residents at least  £100,000 a year.

The 'all-in' Tipi style private rental build by Quintain, supported by Brent Council, leaves room for increases in broadband, utility, maintenance and concierge  charges, over and above the basic rent, with residents tied service charges based on whatever deals the management agents arrange.

This is the Q&A sent to Quadrant Court residents (Click bottom left to enlarge):

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Scott said...

All these new builds, be they estates or high rises that tie people into a range of service charges, often excessive and equal to that in council tax, out of need for a home are a complete scandal. It seems like where-ever property is built now, these 'deals' are nice little earner.

They they have the nerve to passive-aggressively bring up 'credit control action' at the end, pretending that they are doing the residents a favour - with an 'investors in people' logo at the bottom. The residents should unionise and withhold all payment of charges.