Monday 9 April 2018

John Duffy stands in Kilburn against Labour & Polish Pride stand in Dollis Hill and Dudden Hill

Cllr John Duffy, who resigned the Labour whip earlier this year and was not selected to fight the May Council election for Labour is standing for election in Kilburn ward.

There is no party or independent description on his nomination and he is clearly relying on his name being known locally and his record of holding the Council to account over issues such as asbestos in Paddington Cemetery, the Kingdom Securities contract, and failures in Brent Council's waste strategy.

Neither the Liberal Democrats nor the Green Party are standing in every ward while UKIP is standing one candidate in Kensal Green and three in the Welsh Harp ward. The Women's Equality Party has a candidate in Queens Park.  Duma Polska (Polish Pride) are standing full slates in Dollis Hill and Dudden Hill. Apart from Duffy there are independents in Barnhill, Dudden Hill and Preston wards. FULL DETAILS

Duma Polska's website states:
Duma Polska aims to strengthen the position of the Polish community in Great Britain and to make its voice count. Poles are the largest national minority in London, and yet they do not have representatives in the local authorities. It is time to change this and appoint Polish councillors. All the more so because these are the last elections before Brexit and may affect how the further negotiations will take place regarding our status after the exit of Great Britain from the European Union.  Therefore, vote for our candidates, successful people, successful in business, who not only deal in the UK, but share their experience and help others. Others are born social workers, and still others are experts in many areas of everyday life. It is a symbol of our Polish solidity, reliability and credibility that we have been building on the Islands for over 70 years.

Duma Polska was founded by Jan (Prince) Zylinski, Ealing based Polish aristocrat and millionaire, who challenged Nigel Farage to a sword fight over Farage's stereotyping of Polish workers as benefit scroungers.

Where the parties are standing:

Ward Lab Con Green Lib Dem W Eq Polish Pr Ukip Ind
Alperton 3 3 1 3
Barnhill 3 3 3 1
Brondesbury Park 3 3 3
Dollis Hill 3 3 3 3
Dudden Hill 3 3 1 3 3 1
Fryent 3 3
Harlesden 3 3 2
Kensal Green 3 3 1 3 1
Kenton 3 3 1 3
Kilburn 3 3 3 1
Mapesbury 3 3 3 3
Northwick Park 3 3 1
Preston 3 3 3 1
Queensbury 3 3 1 3
Queeens Park 3 3 3 3 1
Stonebridge 3 3
Sudbury 3 3 1 3
Tokyngton 3 3 1 2
Welsh Harp 3 3 3 3
Wembley Central 3 3 1 3
Willesden Green 3 3 3 3


Anonymous said...

The independent in Preston - Jeffrey Hassan Deen is not so independent and a stealth UKIPPER having stood for the UK Independence Party in Preston in 2014.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see that a number of the Conservative candidates have their address as rooms in Raffles House, a student accommodation block in Lakeside Way, Wembley Park.

Are the Young Conservatives making a comeback? If any of these "local people" are actually elected, at least they will only have a short walk to the Civic Centre.

Martin Francis said...

Given the overseas sales of Quintain flats it wouldn't surprise me if it was not Raffles, Singapore.

Philip Grant said...

Dear Martin,

Raffles House is definitely in Wembley, and I can tell you and your readers how it came to have that name.

In 2014 Wembley History Society was contacted by Greystar, who had just bought the building. They wanted to give their new student block a name which reflected the history of the area. On checking its location against a plan of the 1924 British Empire Exhibition, I advised them that it stood on the site of the former Malaya Pavilion.

Malaya, at the time of the BEE, included Singapore, and one of the 1924 postcard images of the Malaya Pavilion I was able to send them showed a statue of the city's founder, Sir Stamford Raffles, in the pavilion's courtyard. They chose Raffles House as a name to reflect the building's BEE heritage.

Martin Francis said...

Thanks Philip. Amazing how a little joke can lead to local history!