Sunday 1 April 2018

Is your road surface/footway due for resurfacing/reconstruction by Brent in 2018-19?

The last meeting of this administration's Cabinet on April 9th will approve spending on the borough's highways maintenance of £3.5 million. Normally TfL would contribute an additional capital sum for spending on the borough's principal roads but this has been 'paused' under their 5 Year Plan, representing a loss to the borough of £882,000. However, each London borough has been asked to submit two principal roads for consideration for maintenance work and Brent Council has submitted Wembley High Road and Kilburn High Road. A decision is likely by the end of April.

The report to Cabinet points out that Highway infrastructure is the most visible, well-used and valuable physical asset owned by Brent Council. Highway assets include:
  • 505 km (315 miles) of roads;
  • 847 km (529 miles) of pavements;
  • 53 bridges and structures;
  • 24,500 road gullies;
  • 10,000 street trees; and
  • 22,848 street lights and other illuminated street furniture.  
The value of this asset is estimated at around £3.8 billion
The £3.5 million to be spent on this infrastructure is dwarfed by the £18 million of Community Infrastructure Levy the Cabinet allocated to replacing the Wembley Stadium Pedway with steps. 

Spending will be on:
  • Major and minor pavement reconstruction;
  • Major Road resurfacing;
  • Preventative maintenance;
  • Improvements to the public realm, and
  • Renewal of Road Markings
Previous road works in Engineer's Way

These are the Highway Maintenance plans for 2018-19. 

The 'Rhino Imprint' earmarked for Harlesden High Street and Engineer's Way, Wembley is a synthetic material. Details HERE. The Civic Centre is on Engineer's Way.

Asphalt/Brick on footways refers to asphalt replacing paving stones for the main footway and brick for dropped kerbs at driveways and junctions.

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Looking at your English Road 2018 picture, Martin, could I ask WM readers driving along such roads to avoid the pools of water as far as possible as the frog spawning time is almost upon us?

Mike Hine