Wednesday 18 April 2018

Refugee Resettlement: Just £2 donation from you will help Sufra win £1,000 of match-funding

From Sufra NW London

Sufra NW London is in line to win £1,000 of match-funding thanks to Lamyaa Hanchaoui, a spoken word poet, who is fundraising for our Refugee Resettlement Programme.
But we need YOUR help to win.
The charity that receives 250 individual donations wins. So please support Lamyaa by donating just £2 using on her fundraising page here. Just £2. No more.
[To be clear, it doesn’t matter how much you donate. It is the number of people who back us that will determine whether we win.]
If we win, we can help more people like Hiba, a refugee from Syria
This is what she says (translated into English):
“I came to this country from Syria a year ago with my husband and two daughters. After the start of the Syrian civil war, we fled our homes and lived in a refugee camp in Lebanon. The conditions were terrible. Thankfully, we were selected for resettlement in the UK as part of the Vulnerable Person Resettlement Scheme (VPRS).
I remember the first night that we arrived. It was cold and windy, and everything looked so different. As we entered our flat, we were greeted by staff and volunteers of Sufra NW London who brought us food, bedding and household supplies. We will never forget that.
Since then, the charity has helped us in so many ways – whenever we have a problem we know that we can call Sufra NW London. It is very hard when you do not speak the language and you do not understand local traditions and customs. With the help of Sufra NW London, I have started English classes and my husband has found a work placement with a local construction company.
We may never be able to return to Syria, but I am blessed that we have a new home in the UK.”
Support our Refugee Resettlement Programme with a donation of just £2 here.
To thank you for your help, Lamyaa Hanchaoui would like to gift you a track of her spoken word poetry on the Syrian refugee crisis, which is available here. You can also read more about her motivations for supporting our Refugee Resettlement Programme on her blog, available here
Final Call

Over 70% of tickets for Sufra NW London’s Fifth Anniversary Party on Thursday 26 April 2018 have disappeared! To avoid missing out, register here. I hear there’s going to be a chocolate fountain.

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