Wednesday 18 April 2018

Greens warn that Brexit negotiators are closely watching Windrush developments

The UK’s Government’s appalling treatment of the ‘Windrush generation’ will not be overlooked by the EU’s Brexit negotiators and Members of the European Parliament, a UK MEP has warned.

Jean Lambert, London’s Green Party Member of the European Parliament, has called on the Government to ditch its damaging ‘hostile environment’ policies, stating:
That some of the Windrush generation have been ‘deported in error’ is appalling, but it’s hardly surprising. Over the past 12 months, the Home Office has admitted to a string of mistakes that have caused immense anxiety, stress and upheaval to the many affected.

This is not mere incompetence from the Home Office; it’s the successful implementation of Theresa May’s pet‘ hostile environment’ project. This callous and inhumane policy deliberately seeks to make life difficult for non-British citizens who have built lives in the UK, depriving them of jobs, healthcare, and homes.

After Brexit, the 3.2 million EU nationals living on UK soil will also become exposed to this policy. It’s no wonder that so many feel anxious about their futures. The Government should take note – the EU’s Brexit negotiators are watching this ordeal closely, as are MEPs who have a vote on the final Brexit deal. This isn’t a good look.

The Prime Minister’s agreement to meet with representatives of 12 Caribbean countries is too little, too late.  And conciliatory gestures from the Government are meaningless so long as people continue to be hauled off to immigration detention at dawn. It’s time for the Government to stop stoking the flames of fear and anxiety, and scrap the ‘hostile environment’ for good.

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