Friday 16 October 2015

Controversial Tory choice for Brent and Harrow GLA seat

The Conservatives have selected Joel Davidson as their constituency candidate for the Brent and Harrow GLA constituency. Davidson is a Brondesbury Park councillor and belongs to one of the two Conservative groups on Brent Council.

Davidson is often controversial. Apart from his campaign against a homeless hostel in Brondesbury Park he called for Brent Council to stop funding the Tricycle Theatre as a result of their decision not to accept Israeli Embassy funds for the Jewish Film Festival (a decision later reversed) LINK

He is a contributor to Conservative Home and as a newly elected councillor turned down the ipad and iphone distributed to all councillors. LINK

I have not heard whether he will resign as a councillor as he is standing for the GLA. Meanwhile Twitter warned  me that a tweet about Davidson contained 'sensitive material'.



Anonymous said...

Conservative Home is owned/funded by Lord Ashcroft, the greatest Foreign Secretary we never had and recent publisher of some charcuterie-based reminiscences about Cameron's early sexual experiments. I do hope Mr Davidson has kept on the right side of Ashcroft. It would be awful if some farmyard animal-related tittle-tattle emerged in the run up to the election, wouldn't it?

Mike Hine

Anonymous said...

Joking aside, there's a lot of lefties at the Tricycle Theatre who'd love to see Joel's candidacy derailed. Look what they did with those pictures of the PM holding a piglet. If I were Joel I'd avoid any public stroking of dogs or cats and cancel any planned visits to city farms or zoos. You can't be too careful.
Oh, and let the missus collect the turkey from Waitrose this Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Joel is not even from the real conservative group in Brent.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that Joel is really in the right job. In the Conservative Home article after his first Brent Council meeting he complains that 'this Labour administration is very good at spending other people’s money'. I don't think that Joel has grasped the fundamental relationship between general taxation and representative democracy. Or does he imagine that when George Osborne presents his next budget, his proposals for expenditure will be determined by the proceeds of the whip round he and his mates had at the previous night's Chipping Norton 'kitchen supper'? If Joel is proposing that he gets his own cash out every time there's a vote, them I'm sure that Brent residents will appreciate the spirit of his contribution. It might even shame other councillors into chucking in a couple of quid. But it's not really the way that government works, Joel, is it.

Anonymous said...

'Real' as opposed to Provisional, Official and Continuity presumably. Splitters, all of you!