Saturday 17 October 2015

Yellow box junction to be installed at Wembley Asda crossing

Asda junction at quiet time - in morning peak the junction is blocked with traffic (Google View)
In a twitter response to posts on Friday LINK and Tuesday LINK Brent Council has promised action on the Asda crossing (above).

Initially this will be installation of a yellow box junction and further proposals are being developed. These proposals should also cover the junction of Bridge Road/Forty Lane/ Forty Avenue where multiple pedestrian crossing places used by school children present a hazard.

Forty Lane, Bridge Road, Forty Avenue, Barn Hill junction
 Videos of the Asda junction danger are available HERE and HERE.


Jaine Lunn said...

I suppose this will go some way to alleviate the situation and generate some income for the Council, but why not go the whole hog and use the CCTV smart cars which I see sitting idle in the Civic Centre Car Park to good use. Park them at the Junctions of Kings Avenue, Forty Lane, Asda and commence prosecution of all Drivers currently breaking the regulations of the Highway code.

I think this pro-active approach would be a instant success, as once drivers are caught and FINED - "hit em where it hurts " they will think twice about doing it again, and the Council will generate sufficient income to pay for a re-think and re-design the whole area to the benefit of the public.

Anonymous said...

The council don't care about safety. They will just use this as a way to generate more money, and the traffic will be even worse. They should start by making an extra lane, as the pavements are so big on both sides. That will improve traffic flow.

LondonMzFitz said...

The problem at the junctions of Kings Drive/Forty Lane + Asda this morning was quite extraordinary. The Paddocks was blocked from the roundabout at Fryent Way/Salmon Street. Dozens, literally dozens of vehicles zipping down Kings Drive to do the illegal route across Forty Lane and U-Turn at Asda. This is, I believe, the knock-on effect of closing lanes on the North Circ, so Blackbird Hill is at a standstill.

Thankfully it appears the Lycee Winston Churchill are on an early half-term as the gates were closed when I walked past. Going downhill on Kings Drive is meant for only local residents/road users from Kings Drive and the western side of Greenhill Way to continue their journey in turning left at the end.

I'm not kicking off about this in order to fill the coffers of Brent Council in fining road users, although I seriously wouldn't object to some of the idiots who speed down Kings Drive and use that illegal turn to shortcut the queue down The Paddocks. There are drivers taking shortcuts at speed and not recognising the dangers they present to pedestrians. At the time of the morning I'm talking about, between 8am and 8.30am, this is primarily schoolchildren.