Saturday 3 October 2015

Your chance to share in Sudbury’s history

Guest blog by Philip Grant

Next Saturday, 10th October, everyone in the Sudbury area of Brent will have the chance to discover what an interesting place they live in. For months, local people from the Sudbury Court and Sudbury Town Residents’ Associations, Friends of Barham Library and two local primary schools have been working with Wembley History Society. Adopting old photographs and postcards (some from as early as the 1890’s), taking matching colour views of the same locations today and researching some of the stories behind the pictures, they have put together an exhibition for everyone in Sudbury to enjoy. It will be open at Sudbury Methodist Church Hall from 2pm to 5.30pm, and is free of charge.
The “Sudbury – Then and Now” display will comprise thirty-five pairs of images, taking you on a winding route through the area, from Watford Road and the Sudbury Court Estate in the north to Barham Park and Wembley Fire Station in the south. Four of these have been contributed by Sudbury and Barham Primary Schools, whose Year 5 classes used some of the old photos for their own local history projects in the summer term. As one of their teachers said: ‘The children were stunned to know how close they were to local living history, and were left wanting to know more.’
If you live in Sudbury, and would like to know more about the special history that is all around you, although perhaps without realising it is there, please come along to the exhibition next Saturday. As the poster below says: everyone is welcome!


Anonymous said...

Thank you to all of the 400 or so Sudbury residents, of all ages and from all backgrounds, who took the chance to share in the area's history at the exhibition this afternoon. Your enjoyment of the display, your questions and your willingness to share your memories of Sudbury with neighbours you may never have met before, made all the effort of putting the exhibition together worthwhile.

We hope to have the display material available online, on the SCRA, STRA and Brent Archives websites, in the near future, so that everyone can share it in future.


Martin Francis said...

Congratulations on a great turnout Philip. I am sorry to have missed it. I was at the London Green Party AGM but hope to catch up on line. Martin

Anonymous said...

If you were not able to see the exhibition on 10 October, you can enjoy it online at any time at:

Philip Grant.