Friday 30 October 2015

Greens 'overjoyed' at Shaker Aamer Release

 One of the many campaign videos - this from 2012

Green Party deputy leader Shahrar Ali has said he is ‘overjoyed’ at the release of Shaker Aamer from Guantánamo Bay, but said the case highlighted the “urgent need” for a judge-led inquiry into UK complicity in torture, which was promised by David Cameron in 2010.

Ali said:
I am overjoyed to hear that Shaker Aamer has been released from Guantánamo after so many years of appalling, degrading treatment. I can't begin to imagine what it must feel like to be separated from one's family for over 13 years, and from a child he has never seen, born soon after his captivity.

I hope Shaker can now spend quality time with his family. Shaker’s case reinforces the urgent need for the judge-led inquiry into UK complicity in torture that the Prime Minister promised in 2010 but then backtracked on.

I wish to pay tribute to the unrelenting political pressure that has been sustained by those campaigning for Shaker's and others' release, year on year. The Green Party will continue to stand with them in the fight against torture and unlawful imprisonment around the world.

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