Friday 16 October 2015

Brent Council, Met Police and TfL fail to take action on danger to children

There is increased frustration amongst local residents in Wembley Park over the fact that the combined forces of Brent Council, Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police to tackle the traffic danger in what is known as the Forty Lane, Bridge Road, Forty Avenue corridor.

This is a letter written by local resident earlier this month which has so far received no response.

Safer Schools Partnership
Wembley Police Station
603 Harrow Road

1 October 2015

Good morning –

I’m a Brent resident who uses the roads around Wembley Park Station on a daily basis in my commute to my office.  I’ve been increasingly concerned about the traffic over the last 10 months, my first email to Brent Council on 6 February 2015, my latest in the last week.  I see traffic violations on a daily basis and there are large numbers of Students in the area, travelling to Preston Manor, Ark Academy and the new Lycee Winston Churchill crossing busy roads.  Brent Council inform me there will be a Transport Study in progress envisaged to commence from Summer 2016, but I am extremely concerned that there will be a serious accident if not fatality in the area before then involving pedestrians.  I’m attaching a copy of the emails between myself and members of Brent Council, notably Sandor Fazekas from which I hope you will note my comments regarding the problems I see on a daily basis.  This has also been taken up by Martin Francis on his blog Wembley Matters, a copy of the relevant page is also attached to this letter.

Just yesterday I was on an 83 bus travelling from my home to Wembley Park Station and with the weight of traffic the bus I was on blocked the pedestrian green man crossing at Asda, with children trying to find their way around vehicles to get to the traffic island.  On Tuesday, again on the bus, I witnessed four cars in a row drive down Kings Drive (with the main entrance to the Lycee) and continue straight across (5 lanes of traffic) into Asda’s and do a U-turn onto Forty Lane against the left turn only signs.  This is a shortcut to avoid The Paddocks queue, drivers looking for quick short cuts and it happens on a daily basis.

I really would appreciate any assistance you can provide in this matter -

Yours faithfully

Ann Fitzgerald
Cc Inspector Peter Weaver, Barnhill Safer Neighbourhood Team

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