Friday 2 October 2015

The case presented by Friends of Barham Library to lease Barham Park Lounge for community library


Nan Tewari said...

The Friends of Barham Park Library have done a tremendous job of providing a local volunteer service and contributing to community engagment and cohesion. As chair of my local neighbourhood watch, I know how much the services are appreciated by local residents in Wembley Central.

With all due respect to the other contender, neither I nor others who have spoken to me have heard of them.

I trust the councillors looking at this can exercise non-party political objectivity and actually carry out the wishes of local people for whom Titus Barham left his lands.

Perhaps this opportunity can provide for something beneficial to emerge from the recent entente cordiale between Cllrs Butt and Carr.

Alison Hopkins said...

Well said Nan. I hope you're right.

(Not sure what Carr has to do with it, she's Mapesbury. )