Monday, 9 April 2018

Successful Neighbourhood CIL bids to be announced soon by Brent Council

Given the controversy over Community Infrastructure Levy I asked Brent Council for the outcome of the most recent round of bids for CIL funding for Neighbourhood projects.  They have responded that provisional offers have been sent out but they are waiting for the last few funding agreements to be signed and returned.  Once these have been received a full list will appear on the Brent Council website HERE under the spending section.

Meanwhile here are the results of the First Round of bids which I first published in February. It is noteworthy that quite a few of the bids seem to be from Council departments or  their arms length services. It is interesting to see the awards that volunteers library campaigners have won following Brent Council's closure of half of the borough's libraries in 2011 LINK. In addition to the grants listed below Cabinet approved £267,983  to Preston Community Library and Hub.


  1. How much like t**ts must Labour councillors feel seeing two libraries it shut getting the money.

    1. James Powney is not very pleased

    2. It's even more ironic that Brent Labour stalwarts and councillors are claiming so much credit for Cricklewood.

      James P is a tad obssessive about Being Right All Along.

  2. It is now 7 years since Labour Councillors ignored the views of local people and closed 6 (half) the Libraries in Brent. Labour Councillors claimed that the remaining 6 Libraries were sufficient to serve the growing Brent population. Although Labour never apologised for their actions they have since paid out a lot of taxpayers money (some might call it a bribe) to make amends. Over £750,000 in CIL money alone has been bid for and awarded over the last 12 months to 3 Community Libraries. The Labour Architect of the closures ex Councillor James Powney is of course livid at this tactical Labour U turn - but who cares what he thinks. The fantastic work being delivered by the Community Libraries across Brent proves that local Libraries are both needed and supported by local people.

  3. James Powney and Ann John (supported by Gareth Daniels) were the masterminds who all ran away/were chased away in the end...

    But lest we forget it was Muhammad Butt that was Lead Member for Finance at the time and was ruthlessly against the six libraries.

    Paul has done a great job in keeping Barham going, as have the rest of the teams across the Community Libraries. I hope this is remembered on 3 May where we can get some councillors in who are hard working, honest and passionate about Brent - not slaves to Quintain and Wembley.

  4. Well done the libraries. But otherwise, it seems that unless you are well-connected with professional support, you have little chance of getting funding for even minor projects. Instead money goes back to the property developers who blight our lives and whose effects such projects are intended to mitigate.