Tuesday 24 October 2017

Brent disabled advocacy voluntary organisation faces closure as a result of NHS Estates income maximisation

 Nearly a year after I published concerns that Brent Advocacy Concerns would lose its space at the PFI Willesden Health and Care Centre LINK as a result of the NHS Estates policy of gaining market rates for its property LINK the situation has not been resolved, and if anything has worsened. As a small voluntary organisation BAC is unable to afford the market rate plus rent demanded,

Despite 'good intentions' voiced by NHSPS, Brent CCG and Brent CVS to help Brent Advocacy Concerns I understand that Burnley Medical Practice will be relocating to the space that houses  Brent BAC with premises that will be designed for 12,000 patients.  Work is due to start in January 2018.

Brent Advocacy Concerns, a voluntary organisation will have to close or move, but state that 'nobody, including Brent Clinical Commissioning Group, will tell us anything.'

BAC's webpage LINK sets out the benefits of advocacy:
Advocacy is about making sure that you as a disabled person can make your voice heard, especially when dealing with local services and the health and benefits systems.

Advocates are likely to have first-hand knowledge and experience of what you’re going through, and are well-equipped to help you get your point across. They might work with you one-to-one, or link you with a group of similar people; they might be needed for a short time of crisis, or for providing longer-term support.

Everyone’s situation is different, and the aim is always to find the best solution for each individual. We believe that every disabled person has the right to be properly heard, and to have choice and control over their lives.

It would be a shame if the income maximisation policy of NHS Estates and the repercussions of PFI deprive Brent residents of this service.


Scott said...

The council should be stepping in here & give it some space within the civic centre, given this organisation is fulfilling a civic duty. I'm sure many teams have benefited from the skills this organisation can provide to local people & thus reducing the use of resources provided by Brent Council. How much space is free at the Civic Centre again? What do we pay our rates for... ?

Unknown said...

It's a disgrace, many years ago I drove the bus for BAD, Brent Association for Disabled. That was disbanded and now BAC are facing eviction. Who are going to speak up for the many people who need this service when they can no longer connect with the service. PFI Brent Council you should be ashamed in this day and age. Give them some space in the Civic Centre. I totally agree with Scott.