Wednesday 18 October 2017

Brent Labour Group punish John Duffy, outspoken Brent councillor - Labour whip removed

Cllr Duffy
In a dedicated meeting of Brent Labour Group held on Monday maverick councillor John Duffy  was deprived of the Labour whip for an indefinite period.

In what one informant described as an ugly meeting reminiscent of a kangaroo court, Duffy was accused of  bullying and bringing the Labour Group into disrepute.

Cllr Butt's allies ensured that a compromise proposal, for a shorter period, was defeated. Duffy's recent criticism of Brent's CEO, Carolyn Downs, appeared to have played a part in the move as well as his revelations concerning Brent's management of its waste services. LINK

Duffy, who was not selected by Labour for the May 2018 elections, has just only six months left as a councillor.

I do hope that this does not prevent Cllr Duffy continuing to speak 'Truth to Power' despite "Power' trying to silence him.


Anonymous said...

He needs to stay.
He is very proactive on waste removal / recycling / flytipping issues e.g.
Others are only reactive to residents' complaints.

Anonymous said...

As a councillor who voted against the decision of this kangaroo court, I can confirm it was yet another consolidation of Cllr Butt's rotten power base.

Anonymous said...

Never mind Cllr Duffy. Instead of being the victim of your so called colleagues vindictiveness just stand as an independent in May. There are many people who recognise you as a good councillor and will be willing to back you. Just give these so called colleagues a real bloody nose as many people want you there as a councillor in future.

Martin Francis said...

Another source feels that the above account is not accurate. They say that the meeting was dignified and serious. The Group, on the basis of evidence, found that Duffy was disproportionately targeting women with gendered language even when the matter was not to do with them.

Anonymous said...

Then let unbiased transcripts be released and we can make up our own minds.

Anonymous said...

You don't fancy giving us your credibility rating on a scale of 1 to 10 for your 'source' do you, Martin?
Mike Hine

Anonymous said...

Clearly the "Right to Free Speech" is not respected by Brent Labour Group.
I am disgusted that they seek to remove one of their own, as he is one of the few that does his research thoroughly and can be counted on by the electorate to fight in their corner.

Anonymous said...

I think for Cllr Duffy to stand as an independent in his ward is a good suggestion. I hope he does it.

Scott said...

Dreadful - Is this really because Cllr Duffy (reported a couple of days ago on this blog) was planning to offer the public a consultation on the waste strategy?

What a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

This decision brings Brent Labour Group into far more disrepute than Cllr Duffy has ever done.

Duffy has tried to ensure that Brent's services are properly and effectively provided. His only "crime" is to have criticised the Cabinet's mishandling of the Kingdom contract, waste collection and fly-tipping.

Cllr Butt cannot tolerate criticism, so Duffy gets the boot.