Monday 2 October 2017

Film: The Night Cleaners - historic women's trade union struggle - Saturday 7th October Preston Library

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Lrg said...

In case it's hard to read the poster, text says: Producer Humphrey Trevelyan will introduce this film made by members of the Berwick Street Collective during 1970-1972 .

Documentary about the campaign to unionise the women who cleaned office blocks at night and who were being victimised and underpaid by their employers.

From 1970, women who cleaned office blocks at night in London were encouraged by ex-cleaner May Hobbs - assisted by members of the Women's Liberation Movement - to unionise and fight for better pay and working conditions. It shows their isolation; vacuuming, polishing, dusting, wiping desks in large City towers; obscured as unregulated workers – and unseen by their nocturnal work.

The film stretches beyond the workplace into the lives and communities where the women care for their families and look after their homes. Their struggle was a resistance agains the odds, a symbol of hope from a vulnerable group of workers. It gives food for thought about working conditions of many workers today.

We show films most Saturday nights. Doors open 7.15 for 7.30 start. Free to members [join at the door], but donations requested to finance future films and the work of the community library. Book via