Thursday 19 October 2017

How will we spend £3.1 million Community Infrastructure Levy in Wembley? What about other areas?

CIL available for distribution in each area
The Community Infrastructure Levy (a levy on development projects to provide support to the community) has yielded the following amounts for different areas of Brent:

Harlesden £206k
Kilburn & Kensal £471k
Kingsbury & Kenton £395k
Wembley £3.1m
Willesden £218k

Readers may have their own comments on the different amounts allocated to each area.

Each area has an agreed set of priorities on which the money can be spent:

Brent Council set out the application process:
A scheme will not be funded unless it meets all essential criteria. The shortlisting criteria for projects are as follows:
  • Meets the terms of the CIL Regulations  (2010) as amended
  • Has community backing
  • Supports, and where possible mitigates the impact of, the development of the area
  • Reflects the priorities of the Council & CIL Neighbourhood
  • A one-off scheme that does not require additional revenue funding in its delivery or its operation ( or identifies how additional revenue funding may be met)
  • Benefits the broadest section of the community
  • Offers value for money 

The Head of Planning and Lead Member for Regeneration, Growth, Employment and Skills, will rank all project proposals received for each CIL Neighbourhood by the submission deadline, according to how well they meet the shortlisting criteria, and a shortlist of projects to fund will be agreed. Projects that are not shortlisted will also receive notification and may request feedback on their proposals.
 Applications have to be in by December 1st 2017. The application form can be found HERE.

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Alison Hopkins said...

Hm. In Dollis Hill, one development alone has incurred circa £250K in CIL. Why don't we get it all, then?