Monday 16 October 2017

Clean Air for Brent volunteers ready and willing to improve air quality in the borough

The volunteers
Update from Clean Air for Brent

New voluntary body, Clean Air for Brent (CAfB), formally launched at Willesden Library on the evening of Wednesday 11 October 2017. Fiona Mulaisho of Kensal Rise chaired an enthusiastic meeting of some 30 people who enrolled as members and elected a Steering Group to take the organisation forward. Priorities for action were identified.
Clean Air for Brent is a coalition of residents’ associations, community groups and individuals in Brent focused on raising awareness, changing behaviours and lobbying for better measures to tackle air pollution to improve public health outcomes.  
Tulip Siddiq MP had hoped to attend but was detained by Parliamentary duties. In a message to the meeting she said:
“I believe Sadiq Khan is saying the right things about air quality in London and it is high time local authority action plans’ ambition matched his own. Ultimately, however, it will be down to government to introduce the sweeping changes needed to make local air cleaner and within legal limits… I look forward to working closely with Clean Air for Brent in the coming months to advance their campaigning objectives.”
Cllr Ellie Southwood, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, explained that Brent’s Air Quality Action Plan will go to Council for approval in November but there are many initiatives already underway. Recently all Brent schools had been sent an anti-idling toolkit to promote efforts to reduce pollution from vehicles outside schools, including from school runs.  Clean Air for Brent is ready to support any actions the Council can take to clear the air we breathe.
Clean Air for Brent reported on a range of activities they have undertaken during their formation process. These included monitoring air pollution in local streets as part of a citizen science project across London, holding “The Air We Breathe” event in Brent Civic Centre in July, attended by 80 people, setting up a website and responding in depth to local, regional and national consultations.
A lively action planning session brought forward numerous ideas for priority actions for Clean Air for Brent which the Steering Group welcomed as guidance for its next steps. There are volunteering opportunities both for experts and those with little knowledge but with enthusiasm to tackle air pollution projects individually and together. 
As Cllr Ellie Southwood said: 
“We know there is an army of people out there who are really passionate about this and can help us make a difference.”
For Clean Air for Brent Fiona Mulaisho thanked people for attending and said :
“We are ready to go and looking for more volunteers.”

You can volunteer  via the contact page on the website or by emailing the .

The more people that can respond to the Mayor's London Environment Strategy consultation (or at least the air quality section) the more our voices will be heard.  It closes on 17th November and here is a link:

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Sophia MacGibbon said...

Something urgently must be done about London's pollution. It's unacceptable that in the 21st Century we tolerate poisonous gases and substances to fill our air. I remember the correct decision all those years ago to make all but smokeless fuel illegal. if they could do that then we surely can do that now and if it right make diesel illegal now.
Incidentally it shows cowardice, not strength to highlight it is illegal to burn wood, but then say we want people to stop voluntarily. No. It's illegal. Stop or you will be prosecuted