Monday 30 October 2017

Cllr Duffy calls on Brent to remove 'insensitive' littering posters from Kilburn

Cllr John Duffy (Labour, Kilburn) has written the following letter to Carolyn Downs, Brent Council Chief Executive,after a resident complained about the above poster displayed on Kilburn High Road:

Please find attached sign that has been place on Kilburn High Road.

A resident approached me claiming, in her view, that the sign was racist.

Whereas I would not go that far, until I hear the full motive behind the cabinet agreeing the signs, I would say I agree with her general concerns. 

I believe the signs are inappropriate and could be seen as an attempt to stereotype persons of colour as the culprits of crime and it is also conceivable that used a mug shot of a young black man against a background commonly used by LAPD ( who are widely believe to be the most racist American police-force) as offensive to many people. 

I am asking you to remove these signs forthwith from Kilburn - other councillors can make their own minds up. I do not wish to see rows of these along Kilburn High Road as I believe they give the wrong impression to the public about how to care for the environment and who is responsible for environmental crime.  

I am concerned this is another display of the Cabinet devotion to the failed Zero Tolerance policy, which is in fact is a reactionary policy. This policy has stigmatised many innocent residents, because of the bounty hunting approach of issuing tickets and now this dubious awareness campaign.

Bearing in mind you as the CEO accept that the Kingdom Securities contract had no negotiations, equalities training or monitoring concerning the issuing of the 6000 Fixed Penalty Notices. I again ask you to independently audit the FPNs to ensure they were issued fairly and were not issued using the person’s colour or mental health conditions as the main factor.

Ms Downs, I am sure you read the Prime Minster’s race audit, which pointed out "Black people are more than six times more likely to be stopped and searched by police than White people". I cannot help thinking this type of subliminal stereotyping being produced by Brent is not helpful to those who wish to see this figures reduced.

I hope you will confirm ASAP:

(1) Removal of these signs from Kilburn forthwith.
(2) How many of these signs went up and where they went -up.
(3) How much the signs cost.
(2) Could you furnish me with the reason behind these signs, as they make no sense to me as they do even mention the fine.
(3) Confirm you will haves an independent audit of the 6000 FPNs issued


Leonora said...

Ageist as well! But it's probably well-intentioned, trying to be inclusive......ah well, back to the drawing board! .

Anonymous said...

1. Black males already experience negative stereotyping, for the council to do this is wrong.
2.Our tax says rubbish is the council's responsibility.

Anonymous said...

I feel sure that Carolyn Downs will be quite happy to substitute her own face for that of the guy in the picture. She could nip round the area with a van full of appropriately-sized pics and a pot of glue and have it all done by lunchtime.
Cllr D would be happy, the guy in the picture would be happy, local residents would be happy, Ms Downs would have made amends and Leader Butt would get a photo opportunity, so he'd be VERY happy.
(If the new posters scared any kids.....well, it IS Halloween).

Mike Hine

Anonymous said...

Better still we could have pictures of Carolyn Downs and the Butt on there with very large rubbish bin below. Everyone would have the greatest joy in slamming their rubbish into Butt's face and will solve the problem of rubbish being dropped. The posters are also probably flammable so will be quite useful on bonfire night ... joy for everyone.

Anonymous said...

The world has officially gone mad. On this basis, it's also sexist and 'heightest' - this man is at least 3 inches under average height! And there's no special reference to cater for the gender-neutral community, either. Best to replace the human with...erm...maybe a dolphin. Hmm...but then the animal rights activists will be mad. An alien, perhaps??

Anonymous said...

Yup we've done the whole circle and it definitely looks like its Butt that fits the post.
Please much sure he does it this weekend when there should be enough people around to bundle him into the rubbish bin at each stop.... prize of a tenner for the best pickie of Butt in the Bin.

Anonymous said...

You think that would bother him? A photo op is a photo op and, as Cllr Butt has demonstrated in the past, the way he sees it there is no such thing as bad publicity. After all, Trump is Potus, isn't he?