Wednesday 11 October 2017

CLEAN AIR FOR BRENT launches tonight at Willesden Green Library 7-9pm

From Clean Air for Brent LINK
Clean Air for Brent (CAfB) is to launch THIS WEDNESDAY 11 October at 7pm at Willesden Library, 95 High Road, NW10 2SF. 

You’ll be welcome at the door, but to help get a sense of numbers you can RSVP to

Much has happened since the public meeting held in July and there is CAfB news and information on https://cleanairforbrent.wordp

On Wednesday, we will hear more, including an update from Cllr Ellie Southwood on Brent Council’s Air Quality Action Plan. As well as brief formalities, including appointing members of the volunteer steering group, this is an opportunity to consider bringing your skills and interests to the group too.

The evening will be a chance to share ideas on how we might all play a part in reducing the damage to health created by polluted air.

To kick off our discussion, here are some quite simple ways CAfB volunteers together might help create the positive differences needed: 

  • Monitoring of key roads in parts of Brent not so far covered, e.g. Wembley High Road, Ealing Road, Neasden/Blackbird Hill
  • Designing and producing a map of Brent, clearly showing pollution hotspots
  • Short talks and presentations on air quality at schools, residents’ associations and community groups
  • Campaigning to green public transport
  • Informing choices of private cars and fleet vehicles
  • Working on a low emission neighbourhood designation
  • Investigating the impact of Underground and Overground trains on air quality
  • Sharing information and campaigning via internet and social media. 
  • Contributing to surveys and consultations

Wednesday evening will be a great chance to meet like-minded people and share ideas, so do join in.

We’ll look forward to seeing you

Clean Air for Brent

1 comment:

Trevor said...

It is good that Clean air for Brent is on the agenda
but talk remains cheap whereas the action needed to make air in Brent reasonably clean will inevitably be expensive.
Brent council has a long reputation for looking for ways to cut costs and unless I am mistaken austerity remains in place
and therefore there is every chance that this noble cause will prove to be fruitless.
I hope I am wrong but having lived in Brent for 50 years under the rule of labour and Tory/Lib Dem
my expectations are low.