Wednesday 25 October 2017

Concrete blocking Wembley High Road's main sewer will add to residents' woes

Wembley Central residents, already suffering from  dust and air pollution as a result of building works in the High Road are now faced with works on the main sewer that runs beneath the busy road.

Thames Water confirmed today that there is concrete in the sewer ands they are having to use tankers to pump out the sewage which would normally flow through the blocked pipe.

A spokesperson for Thames Water said, 'We are investigating the source of the concrete and hope to start work to remove if from the sewer next week. Sadly this is an all too common problem that we face.'

The works are likely to cause more chaos with Wembley Stadium having a full programme of events over the next few weeks. 


Wembley Central Resident said...

This just about sums up how the lives of the decent residents in Wembley Central and surrounding area are being affected. Just the electricity and gas and water mains to go now.
Get Butt down there with a shovel to help clear the shit!!!

an old wise woman of Wembley said...

I think that Thames Water should also check the state of the surface water drains system. I would think that much of this in the Wembley Central development area are well affected by gritty detritus which has been washed down the street drains with each rainfall.

Unknown said...

I think Thames Water should look for the culprits. Two buildings in very close proximity to the problem have been re-developed under Sir Eric Pickles changes to the Planning system, called "Permitted Development" what a crock of shit that was. Brent Council admitted they could do nothing with this. So 2 Developers went ahead and converted 2 office buildings into flats, and very small ones at that. They do not meet national standards cos they didn't have to under permitted development. Funny how this load of concrete blocking the drains is exactly outside these two buildings. I would like to know why Thames Water isn't investigating this further as to who caused this problem and pursuing them via the courts, and making them pay. Why should us locals pay more for our sewage charges to sort out this SHIT. Cos we all know we will pay in the end, our water rates will increase, as they have done every year.

Wembley Central Resident said...

Indeed I think that Thames Water should be looking at who caused this blockage and get recompense not only for the cost of replacing the water main but compensation for everyone for the sure chaos and disruption that is going to be caused by the necessary works.
It should be easy enough to see which sewage connection to the main sewer pipe is similarly contaminated once they get the main sewer pipe out. Any connecting sewer pipe that has any sign if contamination should be thoroughly investigated and traced back. This is possible with modern technology and should be done. There is at least a moral responsibility on Brent Council to ensure this must happen.