Wednesday 11 October 2017

Fish and chips for the Prince of Wales?

The function room - it would have an external entrance as well as an internal one into the pub
As part of the refurbishment of the Prince of Wales pub at 97-101 Willesden Lane, an application has been made to convert the pub function room into a kitchen and fish and chip shop serving the public.

The application will be heard at the October 18th Planning Committee. Only 4 comments have been made on the proposal: three against and one in favour.

It rather reminds me of the old Jug and Bottles that used to be attached to pubs.

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The "Green Man" and its off licence, at the corner of Slough Lane and Old Kenton Lane, Kingsbury, around 1930.
(from the Wembley History Society Collection at Brent Archives)


Anonymous said...

What are jug and bottles?

Martin Francis said...

Pubs had a counter, often in the entrance, where you could buy a jug of beer or bottles of beer, to take away

Martin Francis said...

Sorry I was interrupted - 'off sales'and we were sent as kids because although we could not enter the pub we could go to the jug and bottle counter and pick up beer, lemonade and crisps for the family. The drawing is very much as I remember it.

Anonymous said...

Also called 'off-licences' before that term was used for the later booze-and-fags shops which later again became Threshers and suchlike. They were 'off' the area which was 'licensed premises', presumably, and so not subject to the same restrictions as the pub:ie no children,no non-smokers,no men without flat caps, no vegetarians, no unaccompanied women unless of a loose nature (I may have imagined one or two of these).
Jugs and bottles were the containers you could take to be filled up with draught beer and which the kids could sip a bit from without it being noticed, thus supplying the brewers with their next generation of potential pissheads, distracting the masses from revolutionary thoughts and funding the Tory party for eternity.

Mike Hine

Martin Francis said...

Thanks for your very comprehensive comment. Interesting that supermarkets have all but destroyed off-licenses of the Thresher type.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining.

Trevor said...

Is this proposed conversion really necessary?
My opinion is no it isn't
but the chances are it will be passed and if it is I wonder how much they will charge for a plate of fish chips and mushy peas?
The price will determine how long this 'mini chippy' lasts.

Anonymous said...

Could rent out the space instead to a hipster chef who desires their own space & kitchen to get going and start to make a name for himself.