Monday 5 October 2020

A greener, fairer Greater Brent? Join Brent Friends of the Earth week of action


From Brent Friends of the Earth

Brent FoE Green and Fair Recovery action 🌿

This is the week of action - we want to hear your views in our campaign for a green and fair recovery from COVID-19.

What could this look like in Brent? Please comment with your ideas 💭

Also, join our online discussion on Sunday 11th October 10:30-12, around how to achieve a green and fair recovery, and influence government ahead of the Comprehensive Spending Review.

To join the Zoom Meeting, email for the link, or join our mailing list via

We will also be hosting a virtual lobby with Brent MPs Tulip Siddiq and Dawn Butler. Details to be confirmed soon!

1 comment:

Trevor Ellis said...

I'm no expert but if the carbon heavy economy is the elephant in the room
that's responsible for the pollution that surrounds us in Brent,
then a new green economy is what we need, along with a gradual change in the way we view our individual responsibilities towards the environment.
I can take a walk from my flat on Chalk hill road and within minutes,
I'll find facemasks discarded on the pavement, along with overfilled fly blown bins.
I can't visualize Brent becoming ''greener'' let alone ''fair''( whatever that mean's?) if what residents say with their lips, fail to match what they do with their hands.
At the present time,Brent has a very long way to go before we begin to see the ''green'' shoots of change that Brent desperately needs.