Tuesday 27 October 2020

Covid19 Update from NHS NW London+Flu vaccination

Covid-19 – London remains on a ‘high’ alert level (tier 2) The number of confirmed coronavirus cases continues to rise across almost all boroughs in NW London and remains over 100 per 100,000 population. 

It is important that all parts of our community adhere to public health advice on hand washing, face coverings and social distancing if the spread of Covid-19 is to be slowed. 

Reassurance to the public: 

• We would like to reassure patients and the public that we have been working hard over the last few weeks, to prepare for a second wave and plans are in place to support care homes; primary, community, mental health and hospital care. 

• Across health services in NW London we have learnt a lot form the first wave and we are in the best possible place to continue to treat patients safely and effectively through the weeks and months ahead. 

• We have put in place rigorous infection control measures to keep both patients and staff safe, including separating people who may have Covid-19 from those who do not. 

 • The NHS is here for you and safe. If you have been called for an appointment, it is because you need it. Please make sure you attend if you are asked to do so – it is much safer to attend hospital when required than not to come in due to misplaced fears. Flu guidance for people on the shielded list 

• As a person on the NHS Shielded Patient List, it is vital that you get your free flu jab. Flu can be deadly, and the flu vaccine is the best way to protect those who are shielding from COVID-19 from becoming ill with the flu. You will be contacted by the NHS to arrange your flu jab. 

• If you have not heard from the NHS about your flu jab, please contact your GP practice to arrange it 

• To protect you from the risk of catching flu, household contacts of people on the NHS Shielded Patient List are also eligible this year for a free flu jab. A household contact is a person that lives with you or is expected to be in your home across most days over the winter. Your household contacts should ask their GP or pharmacist about the free flu jab 

Get your flu jab at your local pharmacy 

 • Eligible patients over the age of 18 can now book a flu vaccination at their local community pharmacy in person or by telephone. 

• You can usually book online as well, although due to unprecedented demand this year, fewer online slots may be available this week. People wishing to book a flu jab in pharmacy are advised to telephone ahead to local 

• Pharmacies expect more flu vaccine stock to arrive in November, so please check back to https://myvaccinations.co.uk or www.boots.com/online/pharmacy-services/winter-flu-jab-services later this month if you are unable to get an appointment this week.

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