Friday, 2 October 2020

Free 'Cycle Buddies' scheme launched in Brent - sign up to pair with an experienced cyclist to gain confidence and knowledge of safe local routes


A very welcome and enterprising scheme is introducd by Brent Cycling Campaign:

Brent Cycling Campaign has launched a scheme  to pair experienced riders with people new or returning to cycling to help them navigate their new work commute, get around locally or enjoy a leisure pootle.

After lockdown there was a 200 percent increase in cycling.  Local bike shops are busy with people buying new bikes or repairing bikes which have not been used for a while. New cycle lanes and healthier, low traffic neighbourhoods are making it easier to get around by bike. 

Government and local authorities are actively encouraging people to cycle short journeys to keep public transport running at social distancing capacity and prevent more pollution and congestion building up on the roads. 

Brent  Cycling Campaign wants to help people keen to get on their wheels, to do so safely. They will pair up new with experienced riders so they can meet up and ride together - to work, to local shops or just to the park for a bit of practice.  Experienced riders will help plan routes on quiet streets, make use of existing cycling provision, give the new riders support and share their experiences of riding on city streets. 

Cycle Buddies has helped many new and returning riders across London already. 

If you are a new or returning to cycling - or if you are an experienced cyclist who would like to help others - sign up - it's free! to Brent Cycle Buddies at

Carmen Solino, from Wandsworth, where the Cycle Buddies scheme was first launched, said: 

I hadn't been on a bike for 17 years. After a couple of rides with my bike buddy I found the confidence to take a ride all the way to work, near Westminster and found out about the Quietways, a safer, less stressful way to cycle in London!

Dr Bruce Lynn, who helped set up Cycle Buddies in Southwark commented:

I am delighted to be involved to pair up new cyclists and experienced riders to explore and enjoy London in a different way. They will see how quick and pleasant it is to ride around the city. 

Sylvia Gauthereau, coordinator of Brent Cycling Campaign:

We already have a good number of people interested to help out, including a mum who is keen to inspire other parents to cycle the school run. So please do not hesitate to get in touch so we can start finding you a cycle buddy.



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