Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Schools in time of Coronavirus - Thursday October 15th

A topical event organised by Kensal to Kilburn Better 2020

Coronavirus has disrupted and interrupted our schools, creating huge challenges for pupils, teachers and parents. 

What is currently happening on the front line, and how well are people coping? 

What might the short and long term impacts be? 

How can we engage with and respond to issues such as the problem of unequal access under remote learning conditions, frequent changes of policy, and the disruption to one of the key pillars of local community life? 

 Is the reshaping of our schools by Covid-19 going to lead to any permanent changes, and if so, what might they look like? 

Might any positives come from this?


Judith Enright, Headteacher, Queens Park Community School

Stephen Haggard, expert in digital technology in education

Mark Nathan, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Lola Jempeji, Sixth Former & Student Leader


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