Tuesday 27 October 2020

Brent zoom meeting on government's planning 'reforms' 5pm tonight - details

Cllr Kelcher, Chair of Brent Planning Committee, has written to local groups and resident associations about a meeting scheduled for 5pm this evening regarding a campaign against the proposed new planning proposals.  Wembley Matters called for a cross-party campaign about this in August:

Cross party campaign needed to oppose Jenrick's assault on the community's already limited say on new developments

From Cllr Kelcher

I have huge concerns about the government’s radical plans to reform the local planning system through their new planning white paper Planning for the future.
These plans could:
1) Reduce local input and the opportunities for local people to have their say in planning decisions with a massive reduction in the powers of Planning Committees.
2) Create, what the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has called, “a new generation of slums” with an increase to permitted development rights. 
3) Reduce the amount of affordable housing we can build in Brent as developments of up to 40 or 50 units will no longer be compelled to provide some affordable units.
4) Introduce automatic permission for people in houses to add two storeys to their property without planning permission, completely changing the character of our local neighbourhoods.

Therefore, as Brent’s Chair of Planning, I have joined with the Vice Chair of Planning, and Cabinet Member for Regeneration, to organise an information and engagement session for local residents associations and interested groups.
We will be discussing the plan, and how we can work together as one borough to stand up against the reforms that will be most harmful to Brent.

 1700-1800, 27/10/2020 


 Meeting ID: 840 5877 0390 Passcode: 091709


Pete Firmin said...

Cllr Kelcher says he has written to tenants and residents associations, but for some reason that does not seem to include tenants and residents associations on the South Kilburn estate, as is so often the case with Brent Council consultations.

Anonymous said...

Councillor Ketcher says "we can work together as one borough to stand up against the reforms that will be most harmful to Brent." The 'we' presumably being the residents and council - the irony of it.

When did the council listen residents on planning issues? The council consult and then do what thy want as always, as will the government.