Thursday 8 October 2020

How to speak at Healthy Neighbourhoods Special Council Meeting - deadline today

In response to queries from readers I asked Brent Council for the procedure for anyone with a view on the Healthy Neighbourhood to speak at the Extraordinary Council Meeting on November 15th.  This is the answer from the officer concerned:

We've had a number of enquiries relating to this meeting so happy to respond, with an outline of the process and timescales.

In terms of the date for this meeting, I can confirm that it will be taking place next Friday 16 October 2020 at 3:30pm.  As you'll be aware this has been arranged, following the submission of a request earlier this week, as an Extraordinary meeting of the Council for the purpose of considering a motion submitted on the Healthy Neighbourhood proposals.  An agenda for the meeting is due to be published later today, which will include details on the motion to be considered and this will be available to view and download via the following section of the Council's website:

I should point out that next week's meeting (as is current practice given the restrictions in place relating to corornavirus) is being held virtually via zoom but will also be webcast live, for those wishing to follow proceedings without contributing.  The live webcast will be available to view via the following link:

For anyone wishing to speak, as this is an Extraordinary Council meeting they would need to request a deputation with the deadline for doing so close of play today.  Under the deputation procedure they would then have up to 5 minutes to speak at the meeting, but any request would need to be submitted in writing to (email would be fine) and cc to me  and will need to specify what the deputation relates to and also who will be speaking and who they be representing.  We will also need a contact email address and phone number.  

We do have a limit of three deputations per Council meeting, so if we should receive more than three request to speak within this timescale the usual process would be to select which deputations go forward by way of a ballot.

In terms of petitions, unfortunately the same deadline will apply.  There is the ability for the lead petitioner to request a debate at Council on petitions which contain over 200 valid signatures.  A valid signature is taken as being from someone who either lives, works or studies in the borough so the signatures provided would need be to be checked beforehand with the petition either provided in hard or scanned copy or via the Council's e-petition facility. 

I realise these timescales are now very tight, given the date for the meeting, but am sure you'll appreciate this has been called as an Extraordinary meeting of the Council and hope this helps to clarify the position.

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