Thursday 8 October 2020

Healthy Neighbourhoods meeting motion for October 16th published

The motion for the Extraordinary Meeting has been published.  I am not sure when as I have been on a zoom call.  If it was after 5pm as appears likely (my meeting started then) it gave no time for residents to study the motion  before the deadline for making an application to speak passed.

I hope officers will recognise this and make allowances for requests received after 'close of play'.

Extraordinary Council Meeting – 16 October 2020

Motion submitted by members who have requisitioned the Extraordinary Council meeting

Healthy Neighbourhood Scheme

To instruct the Lead Member for Regeneration, Property & Planning to provide a comprehensive rational for the introduction of the temporary Healthy Neighbourhoods in the various areas.

This to provide details about how these areas have been chosen; how it impact targets; mitigations, if any; viability of the monitoring of the scheme; what prior public and stakeholder engagement has taken place; the equity of the trade-off between loser  residential streets and gainers; the risk of increased congestion on certain residential roads and implications on emissions; the methodology to be used to evaluate the outcome, notably the goal of lower overall traffic volumes; and the measurements in place to secure adequate baseline data for ALL streets affected (including the connector roads).

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Trevor Ellis said...

Health in any context is fundamental but it is obvious that the subject matter has been undermined, threatened and in many a case literally ruined under the banner of business
with the consent of a long succession of irresponsible politicians
who are so arrogant and deluded to call themselves a ''government'' despite their actions and the subsequent detrimental effects upon the (health ) of the nation and environment,
revealing their true innate negative characteristics.
As strange as it may sound, I am glad that I have lived under Labour, and Conservative rule because that has
enabled me to draw the conclusion that the current situation we find our country in,(in spite of Covid19) namely, it being bought to the verge of ruin, is both undoubtedly and arguably due to the lack of a competent, and responsible government.