Tuesday 13 October 2020

Cabinet agree to rename section of Meadow Garth after the Neasden Temple's founder - neighbours will be compensated for inconvenience



The Cabinet discussion on the issue including supporters and objectors from the locality


Brent Council's Cabinet yesterday agreed to the renaming of a section of Meadow Garth next to the Neasden Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Parmukh Swami Road after the founder of the Mandir. 

They agreed to delegate authority to the Strategic Director, Regeneration & Environment to enter into a legal agreement to ensure that the applicant covered the reasonable costs that were incurred by the Council and occupiers affected as a result of the change to the street name at the eastern section of Meadow Garth, plus to the occupiers of the properties, an inconvenience fee.


Pete Firmin said...

I have no particular view on the renaming of this road, however, I am concerned that it comes with the commitment from the applicant to pay the Council and resident's costs in doing so.
This is a further step in privatisation - if you can afford to pay, Brent Council will agree with you. What happens when there is a good case for changing the name of a street or building but the applicants can't afford to pay the costs?

Jaine Lunn said...

I would be interested in knowing how much the compensation is worth? to average joe who will now have to inform everyone they know, along with Banks, Utility companies, Amazon absolutely anyone with whom they have a financial transaction not forgetting Passport, Drivers Licence and other government agencies of the change, who will no doubt request proof in writing, no photocopies etc, the hours spent on the phone spelling out the new name, oh the joy of it all, well I guess it will break the boredom of lockdown if they have nothing else to do!