Thursday, 15 October 2020

St Raphael's Estate Ballot delayed until next year

The news of the ballot delay was announced in a Brent Council press release yesterday.  I would be interested in further details of the first phase which the release says will be on open space and can proceed without a ballot.


Work is well underway to develop the two options for the future of St Raph’s estate. Despite the huge challenges of Covid-19, residents have been working, virtually, on what infill and redevelopment options might look like ahead of the proposed ballot next year.


Given the uncertainties and possible changes to local Covid restrictions, the Residents Board has agreed that the ballot should take place next year, instead of this Autumn as originally planned. We’re hopeful that this will enable face-to-face conversations to resume, ensuring each household has the chance to fully understand what both options would mean for them.  


In the meantime, the design team will begin work with the community to create detailed designs for the first phase of development. The designs will follow the Community Design Code and will show what new homes could look like, although it won’t be finalised until after the ballot.


The location of the first phase is open space to the south of the estate. It does not involve demolishing any homes and can proceed whatever the outcome of next year’s ballot.


The costs for delivering both infill and redevelopment were also recently carefully reviewed by Brent Council. Both remain affordable but will continue to be monitored, in light of the pandemic.


Cllr Eleanor Southwood, Brent’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Welfare Reform, said:


We’re absolutely committed to delivering what residents want for the future of St Raph’s. Coronavirus has shone a light on the number of households in the borough living in overcrowded homes or temporary accommodation, without access to their own private outdoor space or good quality parks. To make matters worse, many private renters face crippling rents combined with the risk of eviction. It’s vital that we work together with the community to create these much needed new, affordable homes for local people sooner rather than later.


An upcoming virtual exhibition will give residents an opportunity to see each masterplan option for the first time, and to give their feedback. The exhibition will be online for four weeks, from Friday 23 October 2020 until Saturday 28 November 2020.


The council is sending an update to all households on the estate this week. Residents can also get answers to any questions by emailing


Residents are also invited to join weekly virtual drop ins, hosted by Brent Council, independent advisor PPCR and resident board St Raphael’s Voice. Find out the dates, times and joining instructions

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Philip Grant said...

I saw that bit in the press release about being able to go ahead with building the first phase on the open space to the south of the estate. Two thoughts immediately sprang to mind:

1) Surely this land is PUBLIC open space, part of the Brent River Park.

2) Isn't this land part of the River Brent's flood plain?