Tuesday 21 September 2021

BRENT COUNCIL ANNOUNCES A NEW WAY OF MAKING NEIGHBOURHOOD CIL DECISIONS Neighbourhood CIL presentations start on Wednesday with information on how you can bid for a share of the £2 million available



From Brent Council


We want to make sure you know about an exciting change to the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) funding. The funding decisions are being handed to Brent residents, organisations and groups who work with and for them, and we are calling this You Decide.

The Five Brent Connects areas (above)  will receive £400,000 each of the £2m total and residents will decide how it is spent, through Participatory Budgeting.

How will this work?

We are inviting residents to join forces with local groups and organisations to decide what they think their area needs. What would make a difference to the lives of people and support them? What changes could funding bids for physical assets make? How could a street, estate, sports club, park or community venue provide more for local people by purchasing physical things? What do local people need?

Constituted organisations can submit a bid to You Decide for a share of the £400,000 for that Brent Connects area. Residents can share ideas with you.

Residents will then have the chance to vote on what they want at Decision Day events. Applications will be presented and voted on in each Brent Connects area. Anyone over 18 can vote.

Everyone is invited to attend the community-based information evenings, as a resident and/or representative of an organisation. Please register at this Eventbrite link. If you can’t attend your area meeting, please sign up for a different one.

You can find more You Decide information at www.brent.gov.uk/youdecide

Do spread the word about You Decide is how £2million of NCIL funding is to be spent. Please also tell us about events we can attend to share information at youdecide@brent.gov.uk.



We want to create real buzz around this and we need your support to spend the money as you think it is best used. 

We want to create real buzz around this and we need your support so the money is spent as needed, and as decided by as many people as possible. 

Please share this information with friends, family, neighbours and all or any groups you belong to, and encourage them to come to an Information Evening – as a potential applicant, or voter  using this Eventbrite link

NCIL PB guidance note

NCIL PB application form (PDF)

NCIL PB application form (Word)


Anonymous said...

Shame it is not being streamed. Inequalities?

Paul Lorber said...

Residents will be deciding just about £2 million of the cash.

How about letting local people decide how to spend the £100 million plus built up in the main NCIL Brent Council pot? Now that would be really "Exciting"!