Sunday 5 September 2021

Brent Cabinet response to Scrutiny call for an independent review into Council's Euro2020 role falls short

The Resources and Public Realm Scrutiny Committee recommended an independent public review into Brent Council's role in the Euro2020 Final which saw scenes of public disorder. LINK

The Cabinet's response has now been published ahead of the September 13th Cabinet, two months after the recommendation was made. It appears to fall short of in terms of being both independent and public, and an internal  'assessment' rather  than a public review. It does does not appear to address the following request made by Cllr Mashari, Chair of Scrutiny:

Euro 2020 Finals at Wembley Stadium

Scrutiny Recommendation: To hold a public review into the Council’s actions taken before, during and after the Euro 2020 Final to establish the lessons learnt.

Executive Response:

The Wembley Safety Advisory Group (SAG) that is Chaired by the Council met on the 20th July to discuss the circumstances surrounding the Euro 2020 Final. All of the stakeholders attended, representing the following organisations:

· Brent Council
· Wembley National Stadium Ltd
· Wembley Park
· Sports Ground Safety Authority
· Metropolitan Police
· British Transport Police
· London Ambulance Service
· London Fire Brigade
· Transport for London
· Chiltern Railways
· SSE Arena


The discussion focused on how partners should respond. The key issue to come out of the discussion is that all partners agreed to participate in the independent review being led by Baroness Casey of Blackstock. It is expected that it will take 4 months for this to be completed. This will be one single overarching independent review commissioned by the FA that will bring in the actions of all partners. Officers met with Baroness Casey on 6th August and she has asked that Brent Council and the SAG fully commit to supporting the independent review and to helping oversee the implementation of any actions and priorities for change.

It is a really positive step that all partners intend to participate in this single review. The Council will participate fully and openly with the review and will respond to any recommendations that affect the Council’s role in the process moving forward. Baroness Casey specifically asked that the Council undertake its own assessment/review of all its activities around the Final so this can inform her process.

Cabinet Decision:

That Brent Council will:


i). Undertake an assessment of Council activities relating to its responsibilities around safety, licensing and enforcement at Wembley Stadium as part of the Euro 2020 Finals in order to support the overarching Review led by Baroness Casey;

ii). Fully support the Baroness Casey Review throughout;

iii). Consider fully any recommendations relevant to the Council’s duties that arise from the Review and;

iv). Oversee and implement any actions and priorities for change.

Implementation by: By July 2022

Cabinet Members: Cllrs Sheth and Knight
Lead Department: Regeneration and Environment
Lead Officer: Alan Lunt –Strategic Director for Regeneration and Environment

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