Wednesday 15 September 2021

North End Road closed from September 16th for 3 days and South Way for a longer period from September 27th

 From Brent Council website LINK

·      North End Road will be closed to traffic from 09:30 on 16 September to remove the temporary Hostile Vehicle Measures (HVM) (Concrete Blocks) and to install the permanent HVM on the footway. It will take up to three days to complete the works and there will be a signed diversion route will be in place for the duration of the  works

·       South Way will be closed at the junction of Wembley Hill Road from Monday 27 September to allow for gas, water and electric connections to be made for the new development on South Way at the junction with Wembley Hill Road. A signed diversion will be in place and we expect the road to reopen to traffic before the 10 October


Editor's Note: These are concrete blocks that presently impede pedestrians crossing North End Road and particularly affect wheelchair users and parents with buggies. It remains to be seen whether the replacements improve access.  Traffic lights are still awaited.






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