Friday 3 September 2021

Exercise your legs on Monday and join the Kilburn to Harrow section of the Camino pilgrimage to Cop26 in Glasgow


 From Camino to COP26 (NB this is a different walk to the one advertised in previous post)

We are delighted to welcome Day-Walkers. Whilst there may be the odd exception, our plan is to assemble at 9am each morning for any notices, updates and words – perhaps a song or a poem – before setting off at 9:30am.  We would love it if Day-Walkers could join us for that morning gathering so do try to be with us at or a little before 9am. Monday’s section will start at St Mary with All Souls Church, 134a Abbey Road, NW6 4SN and finish in Harrow.



This is a walk for everyone, although initiated by XRUK Faith Bridge. We will be walking from London and Bristol to Glasgow. Leaving London on Sunday 5th September, leaving Bristol on the 9th September and arriving in Glasgow on 30th October. 


The purpose of the walk is to build alliances and engage communities along the route –  faith communities and other local communities – and to spread the word about the urgency of the need for meaningful action to address the global climate and ecological emergency. This is an opportunity for connection and outreach and is expressly not a physically disruptive or civilly disobedient action. Those involved are asked to sign up to this principle. 


We are united by our faith; a faith that we can advocate and influence and be the change that we want for our world. We choose to walk to COP26 as a practice of that faith, an act of connection with the earth on which we walk and the people with whom we walk and the communities through which we pass; and we make our way in kinship with the peoples and creatures of the earth who are suffering and displaced by climate and ecological breakdown. We do so peacefully and lawfully, ready to engage and learn, because we care and we have hope.

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