Friday 3 September 2021

Rumi's Cave created 'Memories for a Lifetime' over the summer



As children go back to school after the not very sunny summer it was lovely to receive a Newsletter from Rumi's Cave with the above video that they have given me permission to share.

They said:

Rumi's Summer Club ran in conjunction with the holiday activities and food programme Brent. It was really special to witness  Rumi's Cave as a hub of creativity and local talent, sharing our Cave collective of artists, teachers, story tellers and poets with the local children of South Kilburn. Unlocking their inner creativity and potential during the holiday. We have took the children on two trips, one to the Science Museum and one to Southend-on-Sea to break their routine of being in the congested and busy city. It was a wonderful day where parents were invited to come and be amongst the children to enjoy those last few moments of the summer break.

Memories for a lifetime were created.

Summer Playscheme used to be a feature of children's lives in Brent before austerity hit. The additional funding available this Summer shows what can be achieved and the resulting positive impact on families and contribution to social cohesion.

I hope Brent Council will evaluate the schemes that ran this Summer and look at ways to provide support to all those amazing volunteers and organisations in the future.

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