Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Another accident at Wembley ASDA junction tonight

I came across another accident close to Wembley Asda about 40 minutes ago.  Locals have become increasingly concerned at the number of accidents, including collisions, at this site.  Cars leave several lanes to exit from Asda to turn right into the southbound carriageway of Forty Lane.  Others turn left into the northbound carriageway, while cars also enter King's Drive from Forty Lane.

The satellite photograph above was taken before the opening of the new petrol station at Asda which resulted in a new road layout within the Asda site and increased traffic and the Click & Go facility has now had its hours extended.

The French School is due to open in September at the former Brent Town Hall and will eventually have 1100 pupils adding to the traffic.

At the timeof the school run and just after northbound traffic on Forty Lane is often bumper to bumper across the junction with cars exiting Asda trying to squeeze in when the lights change.

Thankfully injuries tonight appeared to be only minor but clearly this junction needs urgent review.

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David Arditti said...

This is an appallingly-designed junction for pedestrians and cyclists. The whole layout is bad, as your aerial photo shows. Pedestrians have long waits crossing roads in multiple stages, and the few cyclists that there are get squeezed between lanes of traffic, with a particular danger of left-hook collisions at the slip road leading into Asda. The opening of the French School should not be viewed as a source of yet more traffic. Rather, it needs to spur Brent to transform this area to make it child, disabled, pedestrian and cyclist friendly. I must say I don't hold out much hope of that happening though.