Saturday, 18 July 2015

Biodiversity check in Masons Field, Kingsbury

The Big Butterly Count started yesterday and I walked in Masons Field this afternoon to see how the creation of a wildflower habitat and the re-establishing of a Green Lane were affecting the number of butterflies.

The number of butterflies and other insects is of course a clue to the healthiness of our biodiversity as well as a way of assessing the impact of climate change.

I was pleased to see significant numbers on the Green Lane, although they are quite hard to see in the video. Masons Field was one of only two arable fields in the area, the rest are pasture, and having been recorded as long ago as the 15th century it had latterly been partly used for housing and the remainder as a Sports Ground. Much more about its history can be found HERE

It is pleasing that the hard work of Brent Council and the Barn Hill Conservation Group seems to be paying off and the field is well worth a visit. Enter via Fryent Country Park or Larkspur Close.

To contribute to the Big Butterly Count and for identification charts  and a free App click HERE


Anonymous said...

Very interesting - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Next story, please.