Monday, 6 July 2015

Greece: You cannot impose economics on such a politicised people

Paul Mason's commentaries from Greece have been invaluable as we try and make sense of this confrontation between neoliberalism and democracy. Follow him on Twitter @paulmasonnews

This is his latest video blog:


Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group said...

It strikes me that in what has happened to Greece under the impact of the global financial institutions, the emphasis given to the 'sovereignty' of a currency has been designed to undermine the sovereignty of the human rights of the Greek people.

I am reminded of what Green Party MEP for London Jean Lambert has said of proposed 'harmonization of standards' under Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership. She has cited the example of chickens bread under such unhygienic conditions in the USA that their caracasses are bleached before processing for human consumption. Perhaps that is a good metaphor for what the predatory drivers of the Troica's 'bailout package' think is suitable treatment for the Greek people?

Good on the Greek people for becoming so much more politicised than chickens raised under American food standards as to say, "No!"

Dude Swheatie of Kwug

Anonymous said...

Yeah, wasn't that great news. Defiance despite all the crap they were fed through their media. A lesson to a lot of our electorate of depoliticised X-Factor addicts sharing selfies of their anal spincters on Instagram.

Anonymous said...

Memo to Labour campaign director in 2020:
Imperative that we appeal to the depoliticised-X-Factor-addict-sharing-selfies-of-their-anal spincters-on-Instagram voter. Any ideas?