Tuesday, 7 July 2015

We need a budget fit for the future, says Caroline Lucas MP

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion, is calling for a budget ‘fit for the future’ as George Osborne prepares to announce his Government’s spending plans tomorrow.
‘A challenge to Labour’

Lucas challenged the Labour Party to oppose the proposed ‘benefits caps’ which will reduce the amount of money any family can receive from the welfare state. She said:
“Our welfare state is on the edge of collapse, yet the so-called opposition seem unable to muster the strength to oppose further pernicious cuts to social security spending.

“The cut in the benefit cap will hit people hard. Housing experts are saying that families will be forced out of South East England because they will no longer be able to pay the rent.

“Progressive MPs must come together to oppose the lowering of the welfare cap – and to fight for a welfare state that serves all of us when we need it. There is simply no excuse for Labour supporting this proposal.”

‘A tough new law on Tax dodging’

Lucas is also calling for Osborne to honour his Government’s commitment to cracking down on tax avoidance. She said:

“This budget must include a very clear road map on tackling tax avoidance. Indeed if the Government is serious about recouping the billions of pounds lost through tax avoidance it should urgently introduce a tax dodging bill which enshrines into law a commitment to a global tax system that’s fair for everyone.”
“Decisive action on climate change”

Lucas is calling for ‘decisive’ action on climate change ahead of a global summit in Paris later this year. She said:
“Ministers know that climate change presents a huge threat to our economy and national security - not just to public health and our environment.  Unless George Osborne changes direction and puts the green economy at the heart of this Budget, it’ll be another example of reckless short-term policy making that prioritises the profits of polluters over the public interest in a safe and habitable climate.”

“The Government must get serious about leaving the vast majority of fossil fuels in the ground. It should start by cancelling unaffordable and unsustainable tax-breaks for fracking and other polluting industries. Instead, Government should be investing in a rapid transition to clean, home-grown renewable energy, and the roll-out of energy efficiency measures for homes and business across the UK, thus creating jobs, cutting fuel bills and reducing carbon emissions.”

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