Thursday, 30 July 2015

Brent North nominates Jeremy Corbyn for leader

Rather unexpectedly, Brent North CLP backed Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader this evening. Yvette Cooper was in second place, followed by Andy Burnham with Liz Kendall last.

This completes the Brent constituences. Brent Central also backed Corbyn and Hampstead and Kilburn backed Yvette Cooper.

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Trevor said...

there is a common saying
about using the right tools for the job.
and in this case I think is reasonable question whether Mr Corbyn is the right tool needed to repair our broken country?
first of all
in my opinion there is little difference between Mr Corbyn and Mr Farage.
in the sense that they are both bold and courageous in saying speaking up on behalf of the Electorate.
but they are Politicians and therefore it is reasonable to say that people should exercise caution where there put their trust.
after all look at what decades of the application of political tools has lead to?
we have seen and heard it all before...the forerunner of "faragites and corbynites" was Enoch Powell
a former politician who like corbyn and farage,
was outspoken and courageous.
but if Britain had been molded and shaped by powellites would Britain be in a better shape than it is now?
after all surely the ultimate purpose and goal for a politician is to get Britain back on its feet?
so Thatcherism was tried and look at the results of that!!!
now we are in the age of Cameronism
tough talking etc etc
but will it produce the desired results?
Cameron seems to be having more success upsetting people that pleasing them.
and how will Mr Corbyn fair
if he becomes the new Leader of the Labour party and possible Prime Minister in 2020?
should we really delude ourselves into believing that he will prove to be the right man for the Job?
Just because he appears to be different
and continues playing the politician with the common touch card to his advantage
should we forget that charm can be false and talk is cheap?