Friday, 17 July 2015

Brent Health Partners Forum July 22nd at Sudbury Primary School


  1. An sorry excuse for consultation. They tell you.

    1. "They tell you" about sums it up. These Health Partner Forums, whilst reasonably well attended, have become recognised as set-piece, stage managed affairs where patients are talked down if they try to pursue any point that the Powers That Be don't want aired.

      In fact this Clinical Commissioning Group lot make Brent Council look like the epitome of democracy and openness.......

      Back when the CCG was set up, patient representatives were promised that the Health Partner Forums would be the public 'Question Time' event where the CCG could be grilled by us budding Jeremy Paxman types.

      Anyway you guessed it: they never did permit that to happen. The other opportunity to ask questions, is at the CCG's AGM. This wil be held on Wed 1st Sept at 12.30 in the Boardroom of the Chaplin Road, Wembley centre, when many people are still on holiday.

      Yes, obviously they don't want you to attend that - which is why they intend to advertise it only one week before the meeting - i.e. towards the end of August when many people will be on holiday.......

      I suppose they could always justify it by saying they are truly embracing 7 day working ...........

      Nan Tewari
      Brent Patient Voice and
      Harness Locality Patient Participation Group