Sunday, 5 July 2015

Barry Gardiner spices up Labour Deputy Leader campaign

Barry Gardiner has arranged a meeting at Moore Spice, in the Wembley Retail Park, for Brent Labour Party members to hear a short speech from Caroline Flint, a candidate for Deputy Leader. Her speech will be followed by a Q & A session.

The meeting is on Tuesday 7th July at 8pm. 

Flint is MP for Don Valley and is Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.


Anonymous said...

Martin. What are the rules in Council about absence by councillors? How many absences trigger a by-election? Who monitors this???

Anonymous said...

6 months continuous absence triggers a by-election and it's monitored by the council's legal department. A councillor can avoid a by-election by just attending a single meeting (or even part of a meeting) once every 6 months while doing no work, responding to no emails and continuing to claim allowances. This is what the LibDem councillor David Clues did from 2012-14 when he moved to Brighton and the LibDems were quite happy for this situation to continue, firstly because they knew they would lose a by-election, and secondly because "Councillor" Clues donated his entire allowance of almost £8,000 of public money to LibDem party coffers.

Full council can vote to give special dispensation in the case of sickness or other special circumstances as they did with former councillor Barry Cheese in 2014 or currently with Councillor Tayo Oladapo

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Moore Spice closed down recently due to a cockroach and vermin infestation? Looks like they haven't learnt anything if they're letting Barry Gardiner and Caroline Fint back in.

Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group said...

There is interesting reading about Caroline Flint's past in government in the archives of Community Care magazine's Social Policy blog.

People can read some of Caroline Flint's responses to questions about Labour's stance on fracking at Caroline Lucas fracking questions .....

But sadly, what I most want to see involving Caroline Flint is a video clip that has since been removed from s BBC 'The Editors' blog piece dating back to her appearance as Housing Minister in 2006.

On that occasion she was completely upstaged by a tea lady caught on camera in the background balancing a tea tray on her head!

Anonymous said...

who is pushing the absence limit at the moment?

Anonymous said...

I like a bit of bile but that's vicious.
Well done.

Anonymous said...

That comment sums up everything you need to know about Wembley Matters. Purporting to be humanitarian - in fact it cynically attacks and degrades the humanity of anyone but the narrowest of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous at 15:38,

I disagree with you.

The comment does not 'sum up everything you need to know about Wembley Matters'. It may be true of a few of the comments made by people who, like you, are happy to make their comments anonymously, but this blog site often highlights (rather than 'cynically attacks') subjects and actions which should be discussed publicly.

Many of the subjects and actions, which anyone can contribute their views on here, are matters which those in power are trying to conceal. Such hypocrisy, by people who publicly claim to be open and transparent, needs to be exposed and challenged.

Philip Grant.

Anonymous said...

You'll probably claim that I'm attacking and degrading your humanity, Anon 15.38, but 'attacks and degrades the humanity of anyone but the narrowest of thinking' doesn't actually make sense.

Anonymous said...

So you like non-vicious bile? Could you give an example Anon 6 July 23.01?

Anonymous said...

Pleasure, Anon 23.33.

Example 1:'I feel terribly sad when WM is attacked without good cause'.
Example 2: ' I get really angry when healthy scepticism is misconstrued as cynicism'.
There you are, melancholy and/or anger but without a hint of personal attack or 'vice'.

' The theory of the four 'humours'..... According to this theory, the temperament of any person was determined by the balance of these humours in their constitution. People dominated by phlegm were calm, or phlegmatic; those dominated by blood were optimistic and full-blooded, or sanguine; those dominated by black bile were given to sadness or melancholy; those dominated by yellow bile, or 'choler', were given to anger'.

Anon 6 July 23.01