Thursday, 9 July 2015

Natalie Bennett's message of solidarity to tube and rail strikers

Last year's strike notice

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has expressed support for the rail and Tube strikes. The Rail and Maritime Transport union have begun a three-day walkout after a dispute with First Great Western over job cuts and safety, while around 2,000 London Underground workers are on strike today.

Bennett said:
“I stand in solidarity with the workers striking this week. These strikes are the last resort of workers seriously concerned over issues of safety, staffing and pay, and it is clear that employers in both cases have failed to provide the reasonable assurances that their employees have the right to ask for.
"In any significant change to services and the conditions of those who work on them - be it the night Tube or the new inner-city trains - the needs of those who will be staffing them must be a high priority, and workers forced to take industrial action to ensure that this is the case have my support.”

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Anonymous said...

Stands in stark contrast to Labour's decision not to oppose Osborne's announcement yesterday of another 4 years of 1% pay rises (ie pay cuts) for nurses, teachers, police and all other public sector workers. This will make a total of 10 years of pay cuts for these key workers/professionals, a high proportion of whom are (or were) Labour voters.
Labour's attempt to appear 'responsible' I suppose. Much good it did them last month.

Mike Hine

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