Monday 7 October 2013

Day of Action for appropriate Early Years education: Too Young to Fail

The Too Much Too Soon Campaign has called a Day of Action for October 30th over the Government's plans for early years education.

Core aim and objectives

To stop all developmentally inappropriate educational policy-making in the UK

1) re-establish the early years as a unique stage in its own right and not merely a preparation for school
2) protect young children’s natural developmental rights
3) prevent baseline testing
4) reinstate the vital role of play
5) call for an English developmentally appropriate Foundation Stage for children between the ages of 3 and 7 (until the end of Key Stage 1)

To call for
  • a national debate on the purpose of education and the definition of success
  • the establishment of a new National Council on the Science of Human Learning and Development
    to guide and inform all future early years educational policy-making
  • the development of Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessments for all new civic policies (as per article 3 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child)
Core Messages
  • They’re too young to fail 
  • Grassroots voices matter

Meeting at 11.15 with a gathering at Horse Guards Parade, in Whitehall, London
March past the Houses of Parliament from 12.30
Rally at Millbank at 2pm
Formal lobbying of MPs, Houses of Parliament 4pm

Further information:  LINK


Peter Reeve said...

Wonderful plan for a Day of Action on 30th October. This has to become a huge movement. It isn't logical though to say until the end of Key Stage One, for this is is about formal learning. Expressions like Key Stage One are part of a way of looking at education that is pernicious. And it isn't just about early years schooling. What is it about 80,000 children in the UK who have mental depression? This is clearly being caused by inappropriate concepts altogether. Yes, too much, too soon. Too few stories, too little movement, not enough singing and practical activities .Health and zest for life in our children is being suppressed. This campaign is so pressing and important.

shan oakes said...

yes - we are still in the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, believe it or not! Without genuine education how can we have genuine democracy..